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Q: Can anyone use this site?
A: Anyone can purchase from our site. Only "Contractors" or "End Users" can utilize our site for selling.

Q: What does it cost to market my equipment, trucks, or trailers on your site?
A: Nothing initially. We do not get paid for marketing your equipment, we earn a commission only when we sell an item. If we don't sell it, we don't get paid!

Q: Is there a limit on how many units I can list?
A: Nope. Bring them all! (as long as you own them)

Q: How do I get started?
A: You can either call or email us using our contact info on the home page. We will be happy to get you started.

Q: Do I have to sign a "Contract"?
A: Nope. All you sign is a form giving us permission to market your assets and to the acuracy of your representation of your equipment.

Q: How long is the term that I can list a unit?
A: Until it sells!

Q: When you sell my unit, how do I get paid?
A: Once we have ensured the payment is safe, you will receive payment via "Wire Transfer" or "Check" from FSBC, not the actual buyer.

Q: Does the unit need to be delivered for me to get paid?
A: Absolutely not. Never! You will always have full payment safely in your account before FSBC will ask for the sold unit to be released.

Q: If I want to buy a unit that is advertised on your site, how do I know that it is represented honestly?
A: You verify it. Use due diligence. Representations are largely subjective. 100% of the sellers on our site have agreed to potential inspections. (at buyers cost of course)

Q: What if I want more info than is provided in the listing?
A: We'll get it for you. Just ask us. We can even schedule a three way call with the actual seller if you like.

Q: What other services does FSBC provide?
A: We can assist with Financing, Inland Freight, Dismantling/Containerization, Ocean Freight, Asset Valuations, and Inspections.